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TBA May 2017

We have a few wonderful speakers lined up – stay tuned!


This series of lessons, interviews and discussions happens online with the Google Hangouts / Youtube Live platform. Sessions are hosted by legendary faculty of the UPA. If you’d like to check out the next stream, register here!

We alternate sessions between two formats, “Hangouts” and the more traditional one way video with text chat webinar. The Hangouts sessions have a cool advantage – optionally allowing up to 20 registered guests to participate and “be there” with live video and audio.

All that’s required to take part in the Hangouts style is a middle of the road computer with a mic and webcam, and a modest internet connection. If you’d rather not do the live audio and video you can still just watch the stream.

Register now to access the Swarminar with either option, and prepare to Sound-Clash!

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