Ra’oof (TR7)

Part of our artists on artists series, HPrizm interviews Philadelphian curator, performance artist and creative director Raoof aka TR7

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The Meditations of Dälek

Part of our artists on artists series, Raz Mesinai delves into the murky sonic depths of Daleks “Meditations” series on Bandcamp.

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The Invisible Art of Scent and Sound

The science behind sound is well understood and concrete: a series of perceptible and imperceptible vibrations stimulate nerve endings in our primary auditory cortex to create sound we can perceive.

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The Female Voices Of Hip Hop In Iran

For international women’s day, the UPA is proud to deliver a mix of some of the most powerful female rappers and producers taking Hip Hop by storm in Iran.

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The waveform is a veil: hacking sound and the illusion of ownership

“Don’t make a sound”? Ironically, one of the most effective ways to sneak into a computer system is by making a sound.

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Michele Darling: The Places Sound Takes You

The sound designer shares her unique journey through sound design for children’s media and education.

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ZamZam: System Wide Dub

The pioneers behind Portland based label ZamZam talk about keeping dub music alive and on schedule.

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Critical Listening with Audio Forensics Expert Ed Primeau

Ed will be a lecturer on audio enhancement at this year’s UPA Sound Design Career Development Program.

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