SloFO is a FREE Max for Live device made by UPA mentor Todd Krupa.  It is a ground up remake of the popular factory LFO from Ableton and Cycling ’74, with a slightly expanded feature set.


 random_brow Brownian Noise and revised random algorithms:

Also known as random walk noise, this feature causes the LFO to jump further distances on each step, resulting in a more varied stream (minimizing reapeated values, which can be a bit underwhelming in serial music).

 sampling_hold Sample and Hold:

This parameter freezes the motion of the lfo at a steady rate, resulting in a stepped signal.  It can be used to quantize the the LFO or create asymmetrical shapes against the tempo.

 gui_range  Range finding GUI:  A straightforward way to visualize the modulation you are sending.  Click and drag to set a modulation range, Shift+click to adjust the top or bottom, Ctrl+click to move the entire range up or down.


Please enter your info below, click the download link, and enjoy!

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