Student Spotlight – Al Zlogar

Field recorder in hand, Al learned how to critically listen to a space – from dissecting individual ambient sounds to understanding how they harmonize together to create the individual sound of a space.

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MNEMONIC FISSURE: Wound, toxicity, aurality, allopoiesis, animal-machine, pressure, simulation, resonance, receptacle, impulse. By Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

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Alexie Ivanovich

An interview with Persian hip hop producer and MC, Alexie Ivanovich, on her debut album release of instrumentals, “Jolfa”, her life in Iran and time studying at the UPA. By Deniz Ataman.

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HoneyChild Coleman Meets Ghost Producer – The Original Bedouin Sound Clash

HoneyChild Coleman and Raz Mesinai (Badawi, Ghost Producer, Sub Dub) release the original ROIR demo on UPA recordings.

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How To Kill A Boom Box: Rise of the Ghost Producer (Badawi and Psy Co.)

Psy Co was a New York City based DIY cassette production crew founded in 1989 by prolific producer Raz Mesinai (Ghost Producer, Badawi, Sub Dub).

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The waveform is a veil: hacking sound and the illusion of ownership

“Don’t make a sound”? Ironically, one of the most effective ways to sneak into a computer system is by making a sound.

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