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The UPA is proud to deliver a mix of some of the most powerful female rappers and producers currently taking Hip Hop by storm in Iran, featuring UPA scholarship winner Salome MC, credited as being the first female rapper in Iran, and the artists currently pushing Tehran’s experimental underground hip hop scene such as Roody, Alexie Ivanovich, So All, Nege, Justina, Tarin and Narsis among others.

As issues around gender equality and physical abuse towards women continue to plague our society, it is important to find strength and inspiration from the women whom decide to fight back, no matter the circumstances. In Iran, laws still exist preventing the female solo voice from being heard without accompaniment, a prime example being the Persian dancer, filmmaker and poet, Shahrzad Kobra Amin-Sa’idi, whose long struggle and eventual imprisonment led her to becoming homeless in the streets of Tehran after the revolution. Nonetheless, despite these laws still existing today powerful young women have been spitting hot bars of fire, pioneering a new extension to the already thriving underground Hip Hop music scene in Iran. This mix is created in collaboration with Mideast Tunes, a platform for social change, for more music by these artists and more, please go to www.mideastunes.com





So All – Ghofl

Nege_Ali Owj Ft. Doshnam – Refighaye Mashti

Zagh – Jayegah

Venoos – Roozegare abi

Sara BizanCe Ft. Fateh – Ezafe Kari

Nege – Tanhaei

Alexie Ivanovich & Farzan – Jahane No

Salome Mc – Bahaye Rahayi (Price of Freedom) ft. SplytSecond

Roody – Age Raay Bedam

Justina – Dokhtare Rap Full

So All – Chon Asabim Kardi (Free Style)

Darya – Dare Gosham Nago

Narsis – Bavar

Nege_Ali Owj Ft. Doshnam – Har Bash

Zagh – Enekas

Bizance – Fake

Narsis – Irani

Elham – Aghrabeh

Nege Ali Owj Ft. Doshnam – Har Bash

Justina – Mohem Nist

Roody – Bydary

Tarin – Tactic

Alexie Ivanovich – Marmoolak

So All – HOP

Roody – Deace

Justina – Dokhtare Rap Full

Venoos – Vaghti ghahremanet nist

Elham – Moonde Bood

So All – Mishe Yani

Vatani – Batel

Tarin – Fargh Darim

DIA – Nesvan

Roody – Jomeh

So All – Abi

Alexie Ivanovich – Mesal

Roody – Tehran

Post by: DJ/writer Shauna P.







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